2020-2021 Day Group Study

September 2020 - April 2021 

1 & 2 Thessalonians N. T. Wright    

"First impressions stick with us.  Paul’s first impression of the Thessalonian Christians was an especially powerful one. The gospel message he preached grasped their hearts and minds, and transformed their lives. That memory moved Paul to write to the young church that's bubbling with a sense of the power of the living God.  These studies seek to open our lives to that God who leaves a lasting impression also on us.”

James  N.T. Wright  

“Every generation in the church worries rightly, about people who just glide along, seeming to enjoy what they hear in church but without making any real difference. James faced exactly the same problem in the very first generation.  So it’s not surprising that translating belief into action - making sure faith is the real thing - is near the heart of his message.  The kind of faith, he explains, is the faith that matters, the faith that justifies, the faith that saves.  We need that kind of faith today. These nine studies on James’ passionate letter help us live out a faith that makes a difference.”


Worship the King  Teddy Heard Orr

A five week study of Psalms that center our heart on God.

Please Note: 2020-21 Groups are meeting virtually!


Day Group: Anna McLean - 281-782-0594 or email.

Evening Group: Ann Wilson - 713-828-8722 or email.