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GODLY PLAY (Ages 3-5)

The Godly Play class is organized around our Church pre-school curriculum, Simplicity. It is a creative and imaginative approach to learning about God and His love for us. We teach what is most exciting about religious education…God is good, God loves us, God is with us and for us, and how we can shine His light to others through us. Our curriculum uses the Bible, Christian music, singalongs, videos, hands on activities, and chants with lots of movement. We begin our day with fellowship and free play in the classroom.


We move on to our opening activity where the children work with playdough, stickers and so much more to introduce the discussion question that goes with the lesson. This question helps to make the lesson relevant in little ones’ lives and sets the tone to learn about how God and His stories relate to this question and to them. We then read the Bible verse of the day and continue to talk about the affects of God in our daily lives.


Next, we bring in our fun partner Buzzly Bee and his friends, like Savanah the giraffe and Rex the crab. These characters help share relatable information about the world God created, how it connects to our lesson objectives and why it is important to them. We then move to the playground where our students interact with other students at the school. It’s a fun time to make new friends. After playground time, we return to the classroom to eat our snacks, watch videos and sing a few more songs!


Do I pay for this program?

No, this program is offered by trained volunteers who are committed to teaching God's love and miracles.

My child turns 3 after September 1st.  Can he/she participate in Godly Play?

As soon as your child turns 3 and they are potty trained, they are welcome in Godly Play.

Who can I talk to about Godly Play?

Janet Hoover is our Godly Play Leader. You may contact her at 713-248-9972  or email here.

May my grandchild attend Godly Play?

We'd love to have your grandchild! Or your niece or nephew! 

Do I have to be a member of St. Martin's for my child or grandchild to participate?

Not at all! Godly Play is open to the children and grandchildren of our CLS members.

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