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2024-25 Evening Group Study
The Holy Spirit, Nehemiah & Psalms
Class Starts September 17, 2024


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Welcome to CLS!  This year we venture back to the Old Testament.  We will start with a study on the Holy Spirit with "Help is Here" by Max Lucado, followed by a Life Guide study of Nehemiah.  We will finish with a beautiful and inspiring walk through the Psalms.  These insightful studies are sure to take you even deeper into God's Word and strengthen your relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. Women of all ages are welcome!

 We meet in the Children's Life Center at St. Martin's Episcopal Church on Tuesday evenings each week  from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.    We also offer a Zoom group for anyone unable to meet in person.

You will purchase the study guides (USE LINK BELOW) separately.  We have included links to Amazon, but most booksellers will have them as well!  

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