2021-22 Evening Group Study
"A Walk Through the Old Testament"
Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00 p.m. starting September 14th
(in person and Zoom groups available)

Are you one of those people who reads a book cover to cover or one who just skims it and then checks to see if it ends well? Our Bible study is designed to study each book of the bible in order to better digest God’s full big picture plan for man.   We use a three-year cycle and rotate between studying one of the four Gospel’s one-year, New Testament letters the second year and then Old Testament books on the third. 

This year we are excited to be offering Old Testament Studies.  We will begin with an eight-week study called “Old Testament Survey.”   We will review New Testament passages that validate and fulfill Old Testament prophecies and promises. This series of eight lessons over the Old Testament will help us understand in more detail the revelation of God to man, how He chose to reveal Himself, and why.  Next, we will look at the Book of Esther and see how God used her willing heart to contribute to His plan for Israel.  Lastly, we will look at Daniel, an amazing book of prophecy, some of which is yet to be fulfilled.

For those unable to attend in person, we will continue to offer an online option. Please check the Zoom box on the registration form to be added to an online group.  

We hope you will consider joining us on this journey and perhaps invite a friend to join you!

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