2020-21 Evening Group Study

Virtual Study on Tuesday Evenings - Starting Sept. 15th!

Hebrews, James, 1 & 2 Timothy

After a wonderful study of the Gospel of John this past year, our evening study will focus on New Testament Letters beginning in September. These letters call us to live out the new Eternal Life we receive when we put our faith in Jesus.

This fall we we will begin with a study of Hebrews, helping us to see the superiority of Christ’s Person and Works over all that has gone before his coming. Knowing who Jesus is and what He has done changes how we look at our earthly life. Then starting in January, we will study the wisdom of the book of James. It teaches us how true faith is expressed by our works, by what we do with our lives. Later in the Spring, we will conclude with a look at 1 and 2 Timothy. These last two books teach us the importance of studying God’s Word so we aren’t deceived by false teaching. It also instructs us how to function as a biblical church, shining the light of the love of God.


We hope you will consider joining us!


Day Group: Anna McLean - 281-782-0594 or email.

Evening Group: Ann Wilson - 713-828-8722 or email.