2021-22 Day Group Study

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Join us this fall as we study The Old Testament!  We will be back on campus at St. Martin's starting on

September 16th and running through the end of April 2022. Click HERE to register or use the link below.  


There will be no cost to register at this time - simply purchase your materials online using the links below.  The first two guides are available on TheGoodBook.com.  Order the guides together so that you pay only one shipping fee, or better yet, order with a friend to take advantage of free shipping!  The "7 Feasts" study can be purchased on Amazon and elsewhere. We will collect a $10 administrative fee in September.   


If your circumstances limit your ability to participate in person or you live out of town, we will also be offering Zoom online group option. 


We look forward to studying God's Word with you in person once again!  

September - November

"Women of Faith" by Mary Davis

In this study, we examine the lives and experiences of seven women from ancient Israel; their flaws, faith, struggles and solutions. Click here to purchase the study guide.  

January - February

"Isaiah: Here is Your God " by Tim Chester

This eight-week study will take us through the book of Isaiah in a digestible and accessible way. Each study focuses on a key text, helping you to understand the shape of the book and see how its main themes work together. Click here to order the study guide.

March - April

"7 Feasts: Finding Christ in the Sacred Celebrations of the Old Testament " by Erin Davis

In this study, we will learn:

  • The significance of these feasts and why God wanted His people to celebrate

  • How each of them point to Jesus and His work in redemption

  • Why all of this matters for our lives today

Click here to purchase the study guide on Amazon.  You can also find this guide at other book dealers.